Network Solution

System Engineering

Mobax offers the following Network Design, Planning and System Engineering services:

  •  Network Review & Audit
  •  Network Strategy & Architecture
  •  Design & Engineering
  •  Analysis for Network Solutions
  •  Information Gathering & Site Surveys
  •  Preliminary Site Identification and Survey Planning
  •  Initial Route Survey
  •  Acquisition of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Data
  •  Link Verification Surveys
  •  AutoCAD Service
  •  Equipment Selection Studies including Vendor Comparison
  •  Network Planning and Management
  •  RF Engineering and Propagation Studies
  •  Feasibility Studies

Network Programs

Mobax offers established networks Network Investigation and Network Improvement Programs in preparation for midlife updates

RF Planning

Mobax offers all RF planning study type capabilities required for basic and advanced wireless network design, including area studies, link/point-to-point/multipoint and route studies. Fully featured RF planning and carrier-class network designs are done with advanced RF planning tools and knowledge bases.

RF planning capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Propagation Model Selection
  • Area/Coverage Studies
  • Full Point-to-Point Path Analysis incorporating Clutter Use
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Traffic Loading
  • Frequency Planning
  • Adaptive Antennas modeling
  • Microwave Link Analysis
  • Consecutive Link Network Analysis
  • Interference Capabilities and Specialized Area Studies for Specific Point-to-Multipoint wireless broadband systems.

Bandwidth Management

Mobax offers professional bandwidth planning and management services to our customers.

Installation and Commissioning

Design, Installation and Commissioning Services are offered as a tailored solution in accordance with each client’s specific requirement. These services range from Engineering Consultation to Turnkey Projects for terrestrial radio and satellite networks.

Design, Installation and Commissioning Services include but are not limited to:

  • Systems Design
  • Link Budgets
  • Detailed Site Design
  • Installation Specification and Planning
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
      - Acceptance and Acceptance Test Procedures
      - As-Built Documentation
  •  As-Build Documentation includes the following:
       - System Link Budgets
       - Site layout
       - Cabinet wiring diagram and schedule
       - Site wiring diagram and schedule
       - Equipment configurations
       - Link parameters
       - Acceptance Test Procedure results
       - Equipment handbooks
       - All relevant software
       - Configuration register of all equipment on site as well as software versions used
       - List of warranty expiry dates
       - QA Report
       - Maintenance actions performed during installation and commissioning
       - Spares used on site


Mobax offers After-Sales Support to ensure Spares Supply, Guarantee Services and RMA Services to all clients. Stable and longstanding relations with all our suppliers ensure peace of mind to clients for the full life cycle of products supplied by the Mobax Group.

Quality Management

Adherence to sound Quality Management Principles is an essential part of our business.

Maintenance Management

Mobax offers Maintenance Management of complete Transmission Networks throughout the African continent. Mobax’s Maintenance Teams fully integrate with the client’s facilities and is in most cases directly involved with NOC on behalf of the client.

Transmission Network Management

As a managed service, Mobax’s Transmission Network Management offering provides a complete network planning and activation service with a number of the key network operation/management functions.



Mobax offer Build Operate Transfer programs